Many people still collectively view salespeople as aggressive, pushy, only concerned with hitting their targets and all kinds of other negative perceptions – and these are just other sales people!

All of us who are in business, at some time, need to promote our products or services and sometimes ourselves – whether networking, at trade shows, exhibitions etc.  When I run workshops for businesses I ask them to complete an exercise which elicits their deep-seated beliefs about sales (and other aspects of business) and, almost without exception, the participants (including the sales managers) reveal that they believe, subconciously, that sales people are untrustworthy. Obviously this is a massive generalisation but, nonetheless, very revealing.

By releasing that belief, they are then able to sell more effectively and successfully because they are not being adversely impacted by a belief that they are doing something that isn’t perhaps very nice.  People whose main role is to sell begin to achieve higher sales conversion ratios, they start to enjoy selling rather than resisting aspects of their job and those who occasionally choose to promote themselves, quite simply, find it easier to do.

If we believe something negative about something that we are trying to achieve we will have difficulty in managing it. We all have some limiting beliefs but if you are in business and have a conscious or subconscious fear of sales or selling, addressing this should probably be on your priority list.