Attracting What You Want!

This 1-day workshop will show you how to attract the good things in life: money, happiness, joy, love, health and well-being, a successful career, fulfilling relationships and social life – whatever you want.  Once you have this knowledge and start to use it, your life can truly start to deliver whatever you want it to.

The only person stopping you from having an abundance of good things is you. There could be many reasons for this including the fact that at a deep level you don’t feel that you deserve them.

Your reality is a direct result of your beliefs, for example, if you grew up feeling that you were somehow inferior to rich people, you may still hold that belief and until it is released, you will never allow yourself to become wealthy.

Whatever you give your energy to is drawn into your life. This is why it is important to identify what you want and direct your energy to these things rather than dwelling on what you don’t have.  Even if you have never felt able to attract the ‘right’ things, the rest of your life doesn’t have to be this way. Taking this workshop will reveal the blocks that are preventing you from attracting the people, money, situations, circumstances, emotions and feelings that you want and then show you how to release them.

Taking one day to identify which of your limiting beliefs have been subconsciously influencing your responses to opportunities and then replacing them with ones that will empower you to become a magnet for positive experiences is life-changing.

Once you learn how to claim what is yours by right you will be able to naturally and effortlessly exchange compromise for excitement and fulfilment – and whatever else you may want!

This workshop is for you: If you believe that life has more to offer than you have been allowing yourself to experience and you want to attract more of the good things in life.

1-Day, 10:00 – 5:30

Includes all materials and change of perspective!
Date of the next workshop: To Be Confirmed


Without doubt this is a workshop that frees you emotionally (well it did me) in a way that I never though possible. I have come to understand & appreciate how wonderful your work is – thank you, Barbara.

DB, Director

Very good, enjoyed it immensely, sure it will make a difference.

JD, Homeopath

I now have the tools to execute a plan. Barbara is sincere & caring & speaks with belief & enthusiasm which is energising. I would recommend this workshop.

JS, Insurer

I have enjoyed every part of the workshop. Barbara is an excellent teacher who explains things in a way that is easy to understand.

JR, Nurse

There was a good balance of listening and practical elements throughout the day. The pace.was good which developed more energy within the group as we worked through all aspects of the workshop.

KB, Administrator

The workshop as a whole was so good that no particular section was more enjoyable – it flowed beautifully – thank you.

CP, Businesswoman

The parts of the workshop I found most useful were overcoming fears and understanding my limitations. Barbara provided a safe, relaxed environment in which to learn the lessons of abundance - I am so very appreciative of this.

JW, Writer

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