Channelling involves establishing a connection with high-level guides and acting as a communication channel for these guides.

Channelling is not a method of ‘fortune-telling’ but a way of passing on relevant advice, guidance and information that your guides wish you to be aware of at the time. It is not necessary to have specific questions or for any of your questions to be of a ‘deep’ or spiritual nature; guides are perfectly able and willing to provide down-to-earth and practical insights into any matter of concern or simply to give general guidance, as appropriate.

Our Guides are with us all of the time and help us whether we realise it or not. Not everyone who benefits from their help is able to see or hear their Guides which is why a channelling session can be helpful.

What happens during a channelling session?

As soon as everyone is ready, I will be given information to pass directly on to you. I don’t censor the information I receive – it is for you, not me. I only receive information which it is appropriate for me to pass on – your secrets are perfectly safe!

Channelling sessions are attended by your Guides who are always available to you and also Guides who may wish to speak with you specifically on this occasion. They all have only your best interests at heart and will speak to you with love, compassion and appropriate humour – channelling is a wonderful experience and can be extremely reassuring.

Sessions last approx. 1 hour and are recorded on CD.



I had a channelling session from Barbara late last year and came away from the session feeling very calm and positive having gone through an unsettling time both personally and professionally. Like most people I tried to match everything that was said to me to what was happening in the immediate future. It is only recently, having listened to the CD that I can truly reflect and realise that actually the changes that were discussed in that channelling session have occurred slowly over the past 6 months and are all starting to come to fruition. Although I don’t believe in living life by predictions what I have found really useful is the time to reflect and make decisions with confidence that without this session I wouldn’t normally have made and the time to prepare myself in advance for the new life experiences.

NY, Fundraiser

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