EFT Levels 1, 2 & 3

EFT is a revolutionary healing method that targets unresolved emotional issues which are potential blocks to health, balance and complete happiness.

Once learnt, EFT is a tool that you can apply for the rest of your life to any business or personal situation, including improving sales performance, releasing fears associated with public- speaking, increasing your confidence, eliminating anxiety and many more. One of the fastest growing methods for achieving personal change, EFT is recommended for daily use for everyone.

I teach EFT Levels 1, 2 & 3 which will take you from the newcomer stage right through to Advanced Practitioner. I have been an EFT Trainer since 2006 and all of my EFT courses follow the guidelines originally set by EFT founder, Gary Craig.




EFT Level 1 Introductory Workshop,

1-day, 10:00 – 5:30

This workshop shows you how to use EFT and should you wish to become an EFT Practitioner is the first step to further training. It includes the following:

  • The origins of energy therapy and the background to EFT
  • Understanding how negative emotions disrupt our energy system
  • Learning the Basic EFT Recipe and effective shortcut versions
  • Using the Personal Peace Procedure
  • Learning how to handle some of the blocks to EFT
  • Plenty of practice time

This workshop is for you: if you wish to learn the basics of EFT to use for yourself, friends and family. No prior knowledge of energy techniques is necessary.

Includes Attendance Certificate and Course Manual
Date of next workshop: To be confirmed.

EFT Level 2 Practitioner Workshop,

2-days, 10:00 – 5:30

This workshop enables you to expand your skill levels and includes the following:

  • Principles from the Palace of Possibilities
  • Additional Tapping Points
  • Ways to inject more gentleness into the procedure
  • How to find core issues
  • Addressing physical issues
  • Testing results
  • Working by Telephone
  • Delivering EFT in Groups
  • Plenty of practice time

This workshop is for you if: you wish to become an EFT Practitioner or simply achieve quicker results using EFT. Completion of a Level 1 workshop is a pre-requisite.

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided at the end of this 2-day workshop. A Practitioner Certificate will be awarded following satisfactory completion of case studies and the requirement for 6 hours of mentoring – see below for more information on my Mentoring sessions.

Includes Attendance Certificate (see above) and Course Manual
Date of next workshop: To be confirmed.

EFT Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Workshop

2-days, 10:00 – 5:30

This workshop is designed to take your EFT skills to the level of an Advanced Practitioner. It includes the following:

  • The art of reframing and ways of finding positive perspectives
  • Working with Parts – the Inner Child and other parts of the subconscious mind
  • Different and effective ways of using language to shift deep-seated blocks
  • Pat Carrington’s Choices protocol
  • Forgiveness and Love within healing therapies
  • Continuous Tapping/turning ‘garbage into gold’/unstructured tapping
  • How to approach and work with chronic illness
  • Using EFT with the Law of Attraction – how to attract clients and clear general blocks to attracting
  • Managing relationships – with your client and with yourself
  • Re-visiting finding deeper core issues
  • Plenty of practice time

On completion of this workshop a Certificate of Attendance will be provided. A Level 3 Advanced practitioner Certificate will be issued following successful submission of case studies and attendance at a minimum of 2 Mentoring sessions (see below).

This workshop is for you if: you wish to take your EFT skills to the next level and recognise the importance of self-development and personal growth. Completion of a Level 2 workshop is a pre-requisite.

Includes Attendance Certificate and Comprehensive Workshop Notes
Date of next workshop: To be confirmed.

Mentoring Sessions Half Day 09:00,

1pm / 2pm – 6pm

My Mentoring sessions are open to any Level 2 or 3 practitioners, regardless of whether you trained with me. They provide a valuable opportunity for EFT practitioners to come together to share approaches and ideas and benefit from additional support. Mentoring sessions can be counted towards Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours.

These sessions include:

  • Teaching of a specific topic
  • Discussion and feedback on challenges you may be experiencing
  • Sharing alternative approaches to specific client/personal issues
  • The chance to participate in a demonstration
  • The opportunity to meet other EFT therapists

These sessions are for you if: they form part of your EFT Level 2 and 3 training and/or you wish to benefit from further mentoring

Date of next session: To be confirmed.


EFT 1. It’s fantastic, Its amazing – you must try it! Barbara is a good teacher and I felt that the subject was covered in good detail. Her sensitivity to others & intuitiveness helps people to learn too.

CG, Homeopath

EFT 3. So much information delivered in a way that is easy to understand. There was plenty of time for practical work & a good balance between theory & practice. Taking EFT 2 I felt blown away & did not think it could get much better but it did, more than blown away after EFT 3.

CM, Holistic Therapist

EFT 1. I found this really useful because I could actually feel it working in the practice sessions. I would definitely recommend this workshop. A fascinating & healing day. Barbara is an excellent teacher.

LH, Managing Director

EFT 1. I would definitely recommend this workshop. Barbara Guest - brilliant presenter, the delivery was messaged extremely well. Great stuff.

RL, Accountant

EFT 1. I found the practical aspects & group work really helpful because I grasp practical things when they are backed up by theory. Barbara has a no-nonsense approach which is good but an obvious spiritual & caring side (& experience).

AH, Manager

EFT 1. All of the sessions were informative & interactive & Barbara was very inspiring. People need to understand more about this useful technique.

ZS, Accountant

EFT 3. I like Barbara’s approach to training, she creates a safe environment for us to learn in, she is calm, supportive, fully shares her thoughts & knowledge of EFT & is constructive when giving feedback as we practice. She is interesting because of her experience & ability to recount examples of working with EFT. I can totally recommend Barbara as she shares all of her knowledge & holds nothing back.

SL, Coach/Trainer

EFT 1. Practising with a partner was very useful & to have Barbara on hand to help was good. Today was enjoyable, fun & easy-going. Barbara delivered the sessions really well – very friendly. I would recommend this workshop because its useful & life-changing.

CH-J, Designer

EFT 1. Very useful. I was lucky enough to be the ‘guinea-pig’ for the demonstration and this proved the power & efficacy of EFT to me, for sure.

PB, Writer

EFT2. Barbara is a good teacher, you feel safe &* she tries to answer your questions from different viewpoints: Gary Craig’s, hers & giving (when she can) an alternative view.

DL, Counsellor

EFT 2. I found it all very useful. Working in a smaller group & having Barbara come around & spend time helping us was invaluable. She is very patient & really knows her stuff.

CN, Manager

EFT 1. The [practice session were really helpful & learning how to identify the true emotional issue to address. This was a well paced & well -presented workshop with excellent content. Lots of practice & advice.

ST, Financial Director

EFT 3. This workshop has expanded my existing EFT knowledge & given me the confidence to move forward in my practice. Barbara gives encouragement & inspiration so that you can reach your full potential as a practitioner.

JS, Holistic Therapist

EFT 2. Really enjoyed the practice which helps you to hone your skill & gives you valuable learning opportunities & insight into your own issues too. The workshop was completely fascinating; challenging but gentle & nurturing. A sound personal investment.

HH, Full-time Mum

EFT 2. Barbara was a very confident tutor & managed to keep all students alert, happy & wanting to learn. Great course.

SH, Professor

EFT 1. Very useful. This workshop resolved 3 issues for me.

ML, Safety Consultant

EFT 1. I enjoyed learning the Basic Recipe & the practice because I like the experiential nature of learning ‘how to’  do something supported by the ‘why’. Excellent day. Very hands-on & very supportive. I would recommend this workshop because it works

HH, Full-time Mum

EFT 1. Excellent basics which were fully explained. EFT clearly works, has obvious benefits & is simple & effective.

DG, Director

EFT 1. I really enjoyed learning how to use the techniques & seeing first-hand that it works. A very positive day with good results. Gave a good insight into the potentiality of using EFT as a therapy but also using it on a personal basis.

CC, Lecturer

EFT 1. Really enjoyed all of the workshop & the transformations that took place within the group.

RB, Complementary Therapist

EFT 1. Barbara is an excellent tutor & keeps everything at an understandable level and uses humour when appropriate.

RO, Marketing Consultant

EFT 2. Thorough, fun, great teacher. I feel confident to start working with clients. Worth the investment.

HB, Energy Therapist

EFT 1 & 2. I would highly recommend Level 1 & 2. Barbara trained us to a high level & I’m looking forward to putting my learning into practice.

SY, Catering Asst

Barbara Guest | Email: barbara@barbaraguest.co.uk | Telephone: 0161 708 9732 (Monday – Friday, 09:30 – 6pm)