House, Office & Space Clearing

Space clearing involves cleaning the energy of a property, business premises or other area and removing negative energy which may be having a detrimental impact on the inhabitants. It is not the same as ‘ghost-busting’ or feng shui but a form of ‘energy spring cleaning’.

You may have noticed that some buildings have a wonderful feel to them when you enter and how you can’t wait to get away from others? This is because you are unconsciously sensing the difference between clear and positive energy and negative energy that needs to be cleared.

Space clearing raises the energy vibration of the property which then becomes a happier and more productive place to spend time in and work in and has a positive effect on whatever takes place there – relationships prosper, businesses grow, creativity flourishes and so on.

When is it necessary?

Space clearing is recommended where the atmosphere is consistently heavy; arguments are prevalent; following a death, separation or divorce; where ‘bad luck’ seems to hang around; business has taken a turn for the worse or where the energy just doesn’t feel comfortable. There are many causes of negative energy in a building but most can easily be rectified by a clearing.

It is sensible to have a new office, workshop home or other building premises cleared in the same way that they would be cleaned as part of the moving-in process – clean energy is just as important as clean walls and floors. It is also recommended where a building has been renovated following a fire or structural problem.

Space Clearing may also be the answer if you are experiencing difficulty in selling a business or residence. If there seems to be no obvious reason why you are not attracting offers it may be that the energy of the property needs to be cleared before you can (literally) move on. I visited a house very recently that had been on the market for three years without any offers although there had been many viewings. There was a presence in the property which I removed and within days of the clearing an offer was made and the house is now sold.

What does Space Clearing involve?

In some cases I will visit the property before the clearing and give advice for changes to be made in the interim, for example, a room may need to be emptied before the clearing. On the day of the clearing I will go into each room and clear the energy in each one, as appropriate. I may use sound (voice, bells and tingshas), candles, crystals, essential oils and other items to seal the property. It is usual to notice positive effects immediately after the clearing.

How long does the Clearing take?

It is impossible to say in advance how long the clearing will take to complete. A large building such as a suite of offices or a hotel is likely to take longer than a flat with one bedroom but there is no such thing as a standard time for clearing as this depends upon a number of factors.

Can I clear my office or home myself?

There are certainly some steps that you can take yourself to see if these help with your particular problems and I am quite happy to give advice free of charge based upon your description of the problem.

INVESTMENT: Quotations for Space Clearing are given on an individual basis.
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We were having many problems in the house & the atmosphere seems so much clearer following the work that Barbara carried out.

PM, Housewife

Although we were initially sceptical, after Barbara's clearing the whole house seemed lighter and instead of wanting to go out all of the time we were happy to spend more time at home. This has had a very positive impact on our relationship.

BD, Builder

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