Past Life Regression

Some people who choose to experience a Past Life Regression are searching for answers to current life challenges, others are seeking information about why certain people are in their life today, some people want to understand the purpose of their current life and some are simply curious about whether the concept of past lives is fact or myth.

Whether you are convinced that you were Queen Victoria, Julius Caesar or Charles Dickens (and if that is the case, you will probably be disappointed!) or that past lives are a figment of other peoples’ imagination, a regression can be a fascinating and illuminating experience.

How can a past life regression help?

Past life work can reveal information about your previous existences – who you were, what kind of life you led, which gender you took for that lifetime, whether you were wealthy, successful, happy and led a long or short life; details about your relationships in that lifetime with family, romantic partners and others; information about your health, career and so on.

Life lessons not completed during a lifetime will be carried over to a future time and the people who are part of those lessons will feature again in your life which is why some people you meet for the ‘first time’ seem familiar. During a regression you can discover previous connections with those who are in your life today – family members, colleagues, friends, even adversaries and business rivals and the reasons for your current life relationships.

Unfulfilled karmic contracts or debts may be the reasons for specific challenges you are facing this time around and a regression may be able to shed light on these as well as the karmic roles being played out with those around you which, in turn, can help accelerate karmic clearing for you and them.

It is not uncommon for present-day health problems to be resolved during a Past Life Regression as you are able to re-visit the events that created the problem, view them from a different perspective and, as a result, then be able to release the emotion that was attached to it at that time.

A past life regression is a powerful tool when used to heal physical and emotional issues created in another time but can be approached simply out of curiosity.

What happens during a past life regression?

After a consultation during which we discuss your reasons for having your Past Life Regression, you will be guided into a deeply relaxed state. Questions are then asked about what you are experiencing (seeing, hearing etc.) and from your responses we move forward together. I don’t ‘lead’ you to specific places or ask ‘leading’ questions – it is your regression and your answers provide the details that you need. My role is purely to help you to get whatever it is that you need from the regression.

I originally trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist because I was fascinated by the concept of past lives but even if you don’t believe that you have lived before, regression techniques have been proven to be extremely effective in resolving current challenges even when the person being regressed doesn’t believe in them.

The only way to find out for sure whether you have been here before is to have a Past Life Regression.

Regressions last for approx. 1 hour and are recorded on CD.


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