Psychic Healing

Unless negative energy caused by emotional pain, upset and trauma is released through tears, laughter, shouting and so on, an energy block can be created. Over time your energy system then responds by generating physical and/or emotional symptoms ranging from feeling generally unhappy to developing illnesses – all signs that you are in an imbalanced or blocked state.

Psychic Healing is a method for removing old karmic patterns, energy blockages, anger, fears, outdated emotional responses, habits, beliefs and other forms of negative energy. It releases those blockages that at soul level you have agreed to release, whether their origin is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, and brings your energy back into balance.

Psychic Healing can help to clear issues associated with difficulty with managing money, an inability to give or receive love, long-term unemployment, overcoming fears, lack of personal direction and general unhappiness etc. which may be manifesting due to an underlying blockage.

What happens during a psychic healing session?

During the first part of the session you lie on a treatment couch while I connect with the energy. To release it I may use my hands, sound and/or a dowsing crystal – you remain fully-clothed during the session and private areas of your body are not touched.

It is not unusual to experience a tugging sensation as energy is released; although in some cases the process can be emotional, a sense of lightness and well-being is often experienced which increases in the days following a treatment. Some people report that everything they look at seems to appear brighter.

For the second part of the session I connect with guides and provide information about the issues worked on during the session, the elements that have been cleared and any other information and guidance that your guides wish you to be aware of. This can range from nutritional advice to relationship and career guidance etc.

A Psychic Healing session lasts approx. 90 minutes although I will work with you for as long as is necessary.



I booked my session not really knowing what to expect. I went along open-minded & it just blew me away. I actually felt things clearing during the treatment & felt really good afterwards – this feeling remained with me. I have recently had a second session & did not expect to get such an intense shift the second time but I did. During both sessions a lot of healing took place, I felt very safe & secure both times. I feel that I have taken a huge leap in my own healing with Barbara’s help.

CM, Therapist

The information that Barbara channelled was accurate, to the point and very helpful.

AC, Mature Student

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