Reiki I, II & Master/Teacher Courses

Reiki is a unique method of energy healing that can be learnt by anyone regardless of age, background, beliefs and life experiences. It can be used for self-healing and given to other people, animals, situations, relationships. Reiki has no dogma or religious associations but is a way of developing personally and spiritually.

During Reiki courses empowerments are given by a Reiki Master which activate your ability to use Reiki in many different ways. Once you have been given the gift of Reiki, it remains with you for life.

I have been teaching Reiki since 1999 and now teach Original Usui Reiki which combines Western traditional teachings with what is known in the West about how the founder, Mikao Usui, taught and practised.

Reiki I

Reiki I covers:

  • the history and background of Reiki
  • the Reiki Principles
  • your Reiki lineage
  • how to channel and work with healing energy
  • self-healing techniques
  • Hatsu Rei Ho energy exercise
  • treating other people
  • techniques for releasing stress
  • healing preparation
  • healing practice and much more

First Degree Reiju empowerments are given during the course which will activate your ability to channel energy and give Reiki to yourself, friends and family members.

1-day course 10:00-6:00

Investment: £100.00
includes Certificate, Course Manual and post-course support.


Reiki 1 & 2 – I had very little knowledge about Reiki prior to the course so every section was very helpful. The course was very comprehensive and well organised and the environment was very conducive to the healing energy – I felt very relaxed & well informed by the end of the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it.

TR, Full time Mother

Reiki 1 & 2 – Very useful especially the ‘hands on’ practice. I would recommend this course – being able to use Reiki for self-healing is fantastic – a lovely thing to have & to share.

B L-D, Shop Assistant

Reiki Master – Excellent course. I enjoyed this more than my Reiki 1 & 2 courses with other trainers put together! Course delivery was concise, clear and well explained – definitely do it – it could change your life!


Reiki Master – Each section was well presented but I found the practice of the empowerments very helpful. It was a lovely experience – very well paced, well explained & enjoyable.

ST, Finance Director

Reiki 1 The course was well delivered, easy to understand & enjoyable. I would thoroughly recommend it.

DR, Housewife

Reiki 2 – very useful because it was wonderful to feel the energy working. I found this a marvellous experience & very uplifting. I had a lovely day & I really found this whole experience hugely beneficial – a lovely feeling.

SW, Foster Carer

Reiki 1 I found learning how to channel Reiki energy the most helpful – go for it. Very special.

AM, Teacher

Reiki II Practitioner Level
(students must already have Reiki I)

Reiki II covers:

  • the second degree symbols and how to use them
  • grounding and protection
  • distant healing
  • kotodama
  • energy beaming
  • Gyoshi Ho
  • Koki Ho
  • Reiji Ho
  • Many Hands technique
  • auras
  • chakra balancing
  • professionalism and working with clients
  • the law pertaining to healers
  • insurance
  • Reiki Associations
  • healing practice and much more

Second Degree Reiju empowerments are given during the course to connect you to the energy frequency of Second Degree Reiki.

1 day course 10:00-6:00

Investment: £150.00
includes Certificate, Course Manual and post-course support.

It is not necessary to leave a gap between Reiki I and II and taking both courses on consecutive days is beneficial for most people – it is the way that I was introduced to Reiki. Therefore, a discount applies to the Combined Course.

However, if you feel that having a gap between the two levels is right for you, you should follow your heart. Please feel free to discuss your specific needs with me.

2 day course 10:00-6:00

Investment: £230.00
includes Certificate, Course Manual and post-course support.

Reiki Master/Teacher
(students must already have Reiki II)

Reiki Master/Teacher covers:

  • Master level symbols and energy frequencies
  • Non-Reiki symbols
  • How to pass Reiki to others using Western-style (Traditional) Attunements
  • How to pass Reiki to others using Eastern-style (Original) Empowerments
  • What being a Reiki Master really involves
  • The responsibilities of Mastership to clients, students and yourself
  • Original Usui Reiki levels and how they were taught
  • Psychic Surgery
  • Self-Empowerments
  • The Healing Attunement
  • Guidelines for teaching Reiki
  • Healing Guides and communicating with them
  • Attunement, Empowerment and Healing practice is an integral part of this course.

Sufficient time is allocated for discussion and questions. Both the Master Attunement and the Master Empowerment are given during the course.

2-day course 10:00-6:00

Investment: £350.00
includes Certificate, Course Manual and post-course support.

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