Stress Management Workshop – with a difference!

Are you one of the vast majority of people who lose weight by dieting and then regain it – and often become even heavier?
Are your eating habits ruled by your emotions?
Are you still searching for a weight loss system that is right for you?

This 8-week course will put you on the right road to becoming a healthy weight for you – if you are serious about addressing your weight issues.

It will show you how to:

  • identify the reasons for your personal weight problem
  • control your emotional eating
  • eliminate food cravings
  • identify your inherited beliefs about food and release those that are no longer valid for you
  • replace your limiting beliefs about yourself, your body image and food with positive ones
  • learn a simple technique which will help you to manage your eating for the rest of your life

The key to successful weight management lies in identifying the specific reasons behind weight issues and resolving them which means that eating sensibly and healthily becomes second-nature.

Using a combination of effective techniques I will show you how to resolve your weight issues quickly which means that you then begin to eat healthily naturally – rather than solely cutting calories which tends to be a temporary fix and results in you feeling miserable as you deprive yourself of certain foods which you then begin to crave.

No matter how long you have had your weight problem, if you are committed to resolving your issues about your weight, this programme will help you to eat healthily and in the best way for you.

Suitable for anyone who has challenges about their weight, body image and/or food and for people who are trying to lose or gain weight.

INVESTMENT PER WEEK: £15.00 includes handouts
Date of next group: TBC

Barbara Guest | Email: | Telephone: 0161 708 9732 (Monday – Friday, 09:30 – 6pm)