Stress Management

Stress is one of those words that is banded about a lot these days but if you are a long-term sufferer of untreated negative stress then this could be a serious matter.


So what is stress?

A certain amount of stress is necessary in our lives – it helps us to meet deadlines and achieve goals. This is defined as positive stress.

Additional demands made on us by our employer, family, friends and life itself do not necessarily equate to stress; providing we can cope with these challenges, all well and good and ideally, we would regularly ease back a tad and allow our minds and bodies to regain their natural balance. However, in our fast-moving world this is not always easy to accomplish.

Negative stress, on the other hand, is a state brought about by maintaining a consistent level of stressful activities with no let-up. This can result in physical symptoms including insomnia, weight gain or loss, headaches, skin conditions, increased use of alcohol or other stimulants, strokes, heart attacks and so on.

We all have a different level of tolerance to stress and find different things stressful. As retiring to a desert island isn’t possible for most people, the key to reducing your levels of stress is to identify your triggers and take appropriate and realistic steps to achieve a healthy balance that works for you in your world.

Learning techniques that can help you to manage your stress levels is a simple and straightforward process and, if you are suffering from negative stress, could actually help to save your life.



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