What Is Your Problem with…Success?

What Is Your Problem with…Success is a programme designed to identify your specific blocks, helping you to eliminate them to achieve the success that you are capable of.

It doesn’t imply that you are not successful, just that you aren’t as successful as you could be – because most people stop short of achieving their full potential for all kinds of reasons.

This programme consists of weekly 3 hour sessions for 6 weeks during which we work together using effective proven techniques to show you how to:

  • identify the powerful negative beliefs preventing you from achieving success and then eliminate them
  • stop running inherited behaviour patterns adversely impacting your self-esteem
  • stop experiencing financial difficulties
  • start generating an increased customer/client base
  • become more successful in all aspects of your business and personal life


I attended Barbara’s workshop & was amazed at some of my limiting beliefs, which I was previously unaware of, and which were undoubtedly holding me back. After attending Barbara’s event I held my own workshop which had unprecedented numbers attend. I am sure that getting rid of some of these beliefs contributed to it’s success.

MA, Businesswoman

We all have some invalid and limiting beliefs; if you are aware that your reality is out of kilter with your ambition then one or more of yours are to blame – we can address those and not lose any sleep over the rest.

If you want to be more successful in any aspect of your life this programme will show you how to do just that – it is truly life-changin

This workshop is for you: if you are committed to releasing negative beliefs, want to stop running limiting behaviour patterns and recognise your full worth and you want to discover what your past and current problems with success really are and to eliminate them – permanently.

INVESTMENT: £395.00 per person
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Barbara Guest | Email: barbara@barbaraguest.co.uk | Telephone: 0161 708 9732 (Monday – Friday, 09:30 – 6pm)