Yes, You Can!

Have you perfected the art of self-sabotage?
Are you excellent at being unsuccessful?
Are you the ‘top banana’ at blocking opportunities?

Even the most successful among us do not always achieve our goals but if you repeatedly fall short of your personal and/or business targets, fail to achieve your ambitions or lack the motivation to even get started then you may have unconsciously programmed yourself to repeat a negative pattern and it can be a hard habit to break on your own.

As people, we are not failures but our tactics can fail and, chances are, if you have become really good at not succeeding then all of your strategies will continue to fail unless you take action to change this.

Yes, You Can! is a 1-day motivational workshop which will show you:

  • how to identify the triggers that can result in self-sabotage
  • why you have not achieved in the past & how to change this
  • how you may have been blocking opportunities
  • how to stop being quite so good at being unsuccessful
  • techniques that you can use immediately to succeed at anything you really want to
  • why this behaviour has seemed to be working for you – even though it is having the opposite effect
  • how to progress from the starting line all the way through to completion

Of course, when we are unsuccessful at something we are being incredibly successful at maintaining the opposite state – overweight people are very good at keeping their weight on; people who have anger issues excel at maintaining a short fuse and people who find making sales calls a challenge are fantastic at finding something else to do rather than pick up the ‘phone.

During this motivational and fun workshop I will show you effective and proven techniques that can help you to turn this around because it is a tad more complex than simply saying, “Exchange this way of behaving for another” – if it was that simple you would already be doing it.

This workshop is for you: if you are ready to make significant changes to your life, your best efforts take you in the ‘wrong’ direction, you doubt that you really can be more successful or you just want to learn effective techniques for banishing self-doubt and have some fun along the way.

1-Day, 10:00 – 5:30

includes all materials and increased clarity!


A very relaxed atmosphere & good interaction with Barbara who puts a lot of energy into the workshop. It highlighted the emotional hang ups that may be holding me back.

JD, Business Owner

Not to be missed. Ideal at unblocking beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your goals. This workshop helped me understand myself.

GJ, Financial Advisor

Barbara Guest | Email: | Telephone: 0161 708 9732 (Monday – Friday, 09:30 – 6pm)